Green Moving and You

Tips to Make Your Move Cheap and Environment Friendly

Whether it is a home move or a business move, there naturally is going to be a certain amount of environmental pollution and spending of money involved. Though these are inevitable parts of a move, you can reduce them and save the environment while you save money on moving if you are careful enough. The waste materials discarded during the move and the burning of fossil fuel by moving trucks pollute the environment. You spend more money than necessary by way of buying packing materials and hiring more moving trucks to transport your goods or by making multiple trips in a moving truck rental. If you plan your move properly right from the beginning, however, you will not only be saving the environment from pollution but will save money too. Here are some suggestions for you if you want to make your move cheap and environment friendly.

Handling Moving Box Waste

All the boxes and other packing materials you use to pack your things become waste once you reach your new destination. These waste materials are later dumped into landfills, polluting the environment. Instead of creating more waste by spending money and buying new packing boxes, you can use used boxes to pack your things. Used boxes don’t cost anything; so you can save money too if you choose to use them. Most local stores are looking for ways to discard their empty boxes and they will be more than happy if you ask them for used boxes. If you plan for a move, start collecting used boxes from the local stores as new stock arrives at the stores. If you ask for used boxes at other times, you may not get any, so talk to the manager at the store of your choice to see when the best time to come in would be.

Hire a Professional

Another thing you can do to save money and reduce environment pollution is to hire the right moving companies to transport your goods to your new home. You will find a plethora of highly rated movers at The moving trucks which the moving company brings should be large and spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings at one time. Otherwise, you will have to hire more trucks or make a number of trips to complete the moving process. More trucks and more trips mean more burning of fuel and more pollution to the environment. The moving charges you need to pay will also be more. If all your belongings can be moved at once, your move will be complete faster than you expected. So, spare no pains in choosing the right moving company so that you will not only be saving on your moving costs but will also be contributing your share towards keeping the environment pollution free.



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